Roslyn Rose creates Photographic Montages which are printed on 100% rag paper with pigmented inks.

Striding Towards Celestial Fireworks by photographer Roslyn Rose


I have been fascinated by astronomy and outer space. When NASA offered to allow the public to download images from the Hubble telescope, I was one of the first to sign on. Using my artwork, I have finally entered the space beyond our earth.

"Skyline" by artist Roslyn Rose


Blending reality, I have integrated the sea into abandoned rooms or incorporated buildings with the sea. The components of these Photographic Montages are made up of images taken in different countries and far flung coastlines. 

"Closed" photographic montage by artist Roslyn Rose


After moving to Hoboken, NJ, when old buildings were being destroyed, I wanted to photograph them before they disappeared. Using parts or all of my images and adding found pictures, I have combined reality with unreality to go beyond the traditional photograph.


I juxtaposed the neglected with the occupied, the deserted with the inhabited, one scene with another, or the past with the present. By combining reality with unreality I get beyond the traditional photograph.

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